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Shubhayu Sen Majumdar

Album Price: $6.23

Dilruba is a delightful instrument found in North India. It is used for light classical & religious music.

The dilruba usually has 4 main playing strings and 14 sympathetic strings. The bridge rests on goat skin that is attached to the instrument's top.

Enjoy stellar, soaring voice-like melodies with Dilruba.

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Dilruba 01. Great Devotion $0.89 Add to Cart
Dilruba 02. Mystic Sun Rays (Part 1) $0.89 Add to Cart
Dilruba 03. Mystic Sun Rays (Part 2) $0.89 Add to Cart
Dilruba 04. Sacred Moon Beams $0.89 Add to Cart
Dilruba 05. Evening Meditation (Part 1) $0.89 Add to Cart
Dilruba 06. Evening Meditation (Part 2) $0.89 Add to Cart
Dilruba 07. Mountain Spirits $0.89 Add to Cart


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